Soul Pathway

Guiding you to your soul's wisdom

About The Course

Pathway to your Soul

Have you ever wondered why you are here and what you came to do?

Every day your soul offers you loving guidance. Are you reading the signs?

Your soul long ago took the lead on your life’s journey and is guiding you towards your divine self. This course is designed to reconnect you to your soul’s path and wisdom.

At birth and during our early years we can have an awareness of our soul connection, but we forget and can lose our sense of purpose and direction, until at some point we wish to begin the journey back to our true self.

To understand the relevance of soul work in today’s world just look around you. We are all looking for connection, whether through relationships, social media, the internet or our rapidly growing café culture.

But what is missing in this need for connection is our deeper need to connect with our soul and our divine essence.

Soul Pathway guidance reconnects us to our awareness of ourselves as beings of vibration and light. From this knowing we can find our life direction and purpose.

I also offer a professional, accredited programme for those who wish to learn how to be a soul Pathway practitioner.

Why Work With A Group?

This kind of deep personal work is very difficult to access on your own and needs group work to:

  • Provide a witness for your journey
  • Support your journey
  • Enable you to share and reflect on your experiences in a safe, non-judgmental space
  • Lighten and share the journey with other like-minded people.