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Guiding you to your soul's wisdom

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Discover your own inner diamond

Soul Pathway is the journey of discovery to your own inner diamond.
Come and find the beauty within.

Soul Pathway has been designed to take you on a journey of connection with your soul and divine self.

How Soul Pathway Can Help Your Life

  • Will give you a clear vision of your soul's intention and path for this life;
  • Help you find direction and purpose;
  • Give you an understanding of your unique gifts and qualities;
  • Show you how to use these qualities to improve your life and and that of others;
  • Bring focus and clarity to your life choices, including your health and wellbeing.

The course is based on seven weekends of group study over a year, with home study and guidance between the course weekends.

A complete study guide will be provided at the beginning of the course and we will work with this over the year.

Between each module you will also be offered an individual session, either in person or by phone or skype, to support your experience. The cost of these sessions are included in the course fee.

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Your life history and patterns hold many clues to your soul purpose. If you learn to read and understand your own unique story, you can learn how your soul has been guiding you through this journey, and showing you what you are here to learn and experience. The story is your guide into the soul’s inner terrain.

Life is a Story

Soul Pathway will take you through your story in both the weekend modules and ongoing personal work. You will explore:

  • Who you were at birth? What gifts and lessons did you incarnate with?
  • Exploring your stories and images. Who are you, and who have you become?
  • The acceptance of yourself.
  • Meeting your soul and emerging into the fullness of who you are.
  • Welcoming yourselves back home

Your aura, or human energy field, is your vibrational signature, and together with the chakras offers a gateway into subtle levels of energy. Exploring these realms will take you deeper into the map of your soul. Once you know how to read your unique map, the soul journey takes on greater clarity and depth.

Soul Pathway will take you through your subtle energy bodies with each weekend module and through ongoing personal work. During the weekends you will learn how to read your aura and chakras through meditation, visualization and colour exploration. You will be guided how to continue this exploration between the weekend modules.

“Angels as beings of Light transcend every religion, every philosophy, and every creed. Angels have no religion as we know it. Their existence precedes every religious system that has ever existed on Earth.”
St. Thomas Aquinas.

Angel of Light

Through the work with your vibrational and energetic bodies, we move into working with the Angelic frequencies and vibrations, and access the deep wisdom held within the Angelic realms.

Growing a highly personal and heart centered working relationship with the angels energizes you to gain confidence in trusting and following angelic guidance.

The twelve Archangels that we will be working with each hold a particular strand of wisdom. As we work with each of these beings we will learn about their particular gift and how to use this in guidance in the exploration our own lives and soul domain. The Archangels work together to guide you into their teachings of the realm of the soul.

Each module will focus on particular Archangels and how to continue to explore between group sessions. If you are particularly drawn to the Angelic realm I also offer an accredited teaching programme of professional Archangel Healing.

Rays of Creation

The understanding and exploration of the Angelic realm opens the gateways to the teachings of the Rays of Creation.

The vibration of the Archangels emanates a specific vibrational Ray of energy and colour.

Ray teaching is also referred to as Esoteric Psychology and describes the nature of man’s soul and personality and the relationship between them, and how one can adapt the personality to best express the specific intent and purpose of the soul.

The soul of each human is expressive of one of these rays. Every human being finds himself on one or other of these energies.

Knowledge of one's rays provides an insight into one's strengths and limitations and the central purpose of our soul in this lifetime.

The Soul Pathway modules will explore our own relationship with the Rays.

To quote Rumi:

“You have no need to travel anywhere.
Journey within yourself,
Enter a mine of jewels and bathe.
In the splendour of your own Light.”

After completion of the first year a second year, is offered to either deepen your own personal experience or to gain experience to work as a Soul Pathway practitioner.

Course Fees

The cost of the one year course is £1400.00. This is not a residential course.

If paid in full prior to the start of the course there is a £100.00 discount.

You may also pay £700.00 prior to the beginning of the course and then £100.00 a month after the first three months. I offer paypal payments or direct bank transfer. If paying via Paypal please send your details using the contact form.

If you require any further information on Soul Pathway and its content, please do not hesitate to contact me.